“Handmade in Germany” is an international trade show exhibiting the masterpieces of German manufactories. It demonstrates the importance of handicraft as an integral component of Germany's cultural heritage with a particular focus on the spirit of artistic movements such as Werkbund and Bauhaus.

Contemporary quality products

The historical significance of German handicraft results from the country's unique training tradition – from apprentice to journeyman and master. These training schemes, which have ensured broad access to traditional knowledge and created a large depth of focus, make handicraft one of the most diverse and innovative sectors of Germany's economy.

Exhibitors include world-renowned luxury manufacturers, exquisite manufactories, individual designers and award-winning art studios – a blend of young and old, established and up and coming, which is precisely what attracts visitors to this exhibition of two years in the making. “Handmade in Germany” is a journey through the modern and traditional aspects of Germany's objects and people – from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps to the Frisian Islands of the North Sea.

Curated by Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss from Direktorenhaus Berlin, “Handmade in Germany” presents a carefully selected collection of German quality products to its worldwide visitors: from design objects to manufactured products and a cross-section of disciplines – all handmade in Germany. The exhibits illustrate the value and future of high quality and the investment of time and manual labour in an age of mass production and globalisation.

MASSIFCENTRAL on world tour

MASSIFCENTRAL has been invited to participate in the “Handmade in Germany” World Tour as an exhibitor and manufacturer of decorative and functional lighting. With enthusiasm, excitement and a little bit of pride, we'll be joining the tour with selected exhibits in Abu Dhabi in September 2016. Information about the next stops of the tour is available directly at: