Due to their annular arrangement of CRU pendant lights, chandeliers remind of little universes and are a contemporary homage to the spectacular glass chandeliers of the last 500 years. Each chandelier is a unique, hand crafted masterpiece. Particularly well suited for entrance and reception areas, bathrooms, stairways, waiting areas, dining tables or conference environments.

Create your individual GRAND CRU CHANDELIER lighting fixture here: CONFIGURATOR.

Detailed datasheets can be found below in section base sizes.


Please configure your lighting solution by clicking the „select“ button in each sector. When this is completed for all sections and your contact informations are added and send to us, you will receive a detailed proposal for your specific request.

Ceiling designs are available in different diameters: with one or more rings and a central canopy for lateral wiring and electrical distribution. Each ring can be used as an outer or inner ring and the rings can be combined with each other freely, each cable is passed through each ring. Your selection of the finish for the socket defines as well the finish of the ceiling mount (rings and central canopy).

The number of pendula on the circumference of the ring should be distributed evenly. An optically balanced distance between the individual cables on the ring is approx. 14-28 cm. Calculation of the distance between cables on the ring: diameter x 3.14 / number of pendant lights. Ceiling brackets are available in different diameters, material of the rings is solid aluminum 40 x 10 mm. Usuallywire-insulated, tin-plated tensile cable with diameter 6.3 mm, lengths individually adjustable during installation, maximum cable length is 20 m. The side walls of the central canopy are matte varnish generating a shadow gap.

We are at your disposal for the consultancy of dimensions, finishes or individual ceiling mounts and other details.