Solid crafted glass cylinder with cooler and high-power LED as pendant light with a strong personality thanks to its perfect design and high-tech cooler. The glass emits evenly a strong but dazzlefree light, which surprises the observer through the multitude of magical gas bubbles identified in the glass reminding of gas bubbles rising in clear water. Since the glass cylinders are hand crafted each piece is unique. The glass length can be customised.

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The name "piston" derives from French which means "cylinder". These pendular light fittings were developed for bigger spaces and volumes based on the high lumen output of approx. 300 lm. The median length incl. socket is about 550 mm, with a tolerance of +/- 20%. The outer diameter of the socket is 60 mm. Usually wire-insulated, tin-plated tensile cable with diameter 6.3 mm, maximum length 20 m.

Your selection of the finish for the socket defines as well the finish of the ceiling mount.

We are at your disposal for the consultancy of dimensions, finishes or individual ceiling mounts.