Whether as an engraved souvenir on a desk, as a mood light on a bedside table, as a night lamp in a child‘s bedroom or as a decorative item in the bathroom or on a shelf – this little hand charmer provides magical dispersed orientation lighting in 5 rich colours and illuminates your entire bedroom, enough to light up a room at night without disturbing your partner.

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Equipped with a contactless (radiation-free!) switch with start-up delay (the light fades in and out very gently). With just a gentle touch of the glass or the frame, the hand charmer begins to shine. All hand crafted, beautiful and charming, these lights reach an operating temperature of approx. 30° Celsius. They were originally developed by the manufactory as a product samples for architects and designers and have now evolved into table lamps.

Easy to connect with a plug-in power supply and ready to use straightaway - be it on your bed side table, bathroom, as night-light for children or maybe as a gift for someone’s desk (therefore the french translation of a “tramp”).

They offer a beautiful range of 5 colours to choose from. Each one is individually handcrafted by our specialised light engineers to give you a truly unique piece of high-tech art. This lamp has a touch sensor making it as well an ideal fun gift or merchandising product for hotels. Optional with a personalised logo or initial’s in scripted on the back.